Sunday, 12 September 2010

Horsemanship Weekend

Saturday 11th

So far its going well... shame the weather couldn't have joined in the fun!! the sun has decided to come out so.......

Fred is having his first introduction to Parelli from Christine Worthington and Sue Stopforth.
Now its Archies turn... he's an old hand at this!

Sunday 12th

T-Touch Time with Erica Donnison.

Bertie & Sandra are visiting for the day.

Erica and Sandra discuss the Technique
while Bertie takes in his surroundings.

Last Swallow Family 2010

It was a slow start for our swallows this year, but once they all arrived back from Africa they have had a very productive summer. 

Just like last year, a pair in Jigsaw's stable had their third brood quite late and four chicks have only fledged today. This picture was taken just 5 mins before the last three young took to the wing for the first time..... Mum was just returning to give them one more meal to get their strength up for their maiden flight......  

They'll be around for another three to four weeks before they set off south for their winter holiday...Good luck guys, and hope you get back safely next spring!!