Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Kelsall Hill - Active Rider Camp

We would like to take this opportunity to give a big thankyou to Jane and everyone at Active Rider for inviting Bob The Cob to the Camp at Kelsall Hill last Friday, and for looking after us so well...

We had a brilliant time! It was lovely to meet so many friendly people, and to see all the excellent coaching that goes on at these camps... Thank you all.                                                            
We hope all the riders got something positive from their session, and we are really looking forward to the BD NW Active Rider Camp at Solihull Riding Club on the weekend of 8-10th April 2011, and the BHS POSITIVE PARTNERSHIPS CAMP at Kelsall Hill on the weekend of 10-12th June 2011, along with all the Active Rider Events at Jigsaw which we are proud to be associated with throughout the summer.

For a full list and details of these events, visit the Active Rider web-site by clicking on the link below.......

Friday, 4 March 2011


OK so we didn't keep the Blog up to date... Thanks Elaine!   

So here goes with Bob’s Winter Tale.....

What’s been happening at Jigsaw, Bob?

Well, the trip to Your Horse Live went really well. I proved myself to be a really good traveller…not a peep out of me all the way down the M6 and back.

“Then three weeks later Tim took me to Aintree Equestrian Centre… it was really cold but they put me next to the catering stand which seemed to keep everyone happy,

Owen got out in the snow though

“Then instead of getting better, the weather got even worse. A week before Christmas it snowed and then froze for two weeks and all the other horses had to stay in they’re houses… now they know how I feel most days.

“But I wasn’t allowed to take much time off.  In January, I helped out at play schemes, pony club and some sort of training called ‘Confident Rider, Confident Horse’ whatever that means?  

“And can you believe it, they don’t think I’m busy enough, so they’ve been promoting me at a series of Coffee Mornings at Derby House [I went there once but no-one gave me any coffee!]

“Then it was back on the road to a training day in Bickerstaffe for me & Sue before we all had a week of while THEY went to the warm and sun of Morocco and I sheltered in my house during the rain and gales.

“The rest of February we were all busy again with Alexander Technique & TTeam Day followed by a Parelli Natural Horsemanship day called ‘Finding Harmony’. And the Coffee Mornings continue….

“I believe March is going to be another hectic month with a Legacy visit, an Active Rider Event and I’m going to a Camp at Kelsall Hill, Cheshire in a few weeks. Think I need a service!”